Timing is Everything


I have heard this phrase many times throughout my life but as I have gotten older it is really starting to make more sense to me.  Sometimes we meet people in life and maybe they enter our world for just a short time, but their purpose can be profound.  I briefly met a wonderful women on one of my trips and we have stayed in touch through phone calls and texts since our face to face meeting.  In a recent conversation she was able to open my eyes to information on a particular situation that I was not sure of and felt frustrated about.  Her words gave me confirmation on things that I had only been assuming until now.  After our phone conversation I realized the information she gave me I could have asked for months ago, but I also know that knowing that information months ago would have affected me in a very different way then than it did now.  I do believe that often people, places, things, ideas and information comes to us at just the right time. If the timing feels off to you ask yourself why because there really is a lesson or logical reason if you explore it deep enough and most of it has to do with our choices.

I have been healing from my break-up and through the process my emotions have been all over the place.  This recent conversation helped me understand some aspects of the relationship that I was not clear on because she had insight through a mutual friend of mine and my now ex.  Sometimes we receive information through the grapevine and it can seem like gossip and be hurtful and we want to lash out and react in a negative way, but I know in the moment I received this information that it was honest and necessary.  It helped me realize and make sense of some aspects of the relationship that I had been left questioning.  The timing was perfect in my recovery process and even though it wasn’t profound insight, it helped me have clarity in my process moving forward.  Sometimes the answers we seek cannot be seen because of our denial.  We paint pictures of what we want people and situations to be, but that is not always the reality.  Once we step away for a bit the full picture becomes more clear and we can begin to ask the right questions.

I started asking the right questions in my meditations and prayers and those answers have come to me at lightning speed because I no longer have the doubts, worries, fears or denial standing in my way.  We have to allow ourselves time in order to get into a place of allowing.  Our wants, desires, and dreams are already within our reach we just have to be ready to receive it and really believe it.  I have recently had other people come across my path through this process of change and heartache and quickly realized they are not people I want to revisit.  This often happens when we are struggling and in a negative place, we attract others who are struggling and in a negative place and if we are not careful it can cause us to lose focus of our true desires and goals.  The law of attraction attracts people on your wavelength and sometimes that wavelength is not always good; knowing and understanding this fact is important. Attracting people who want to drink heavily and party all the time or married men who want to have long deep conversations outside their marriage are not people I want to attract into my world, of that I am clear.  So when these two things occurred I quickly realized I needed to re-adjust my focus and get on the right wavelength.

Timing has more to do with us than we often realize.  The timing is a choice within ourselves to be strong enough to work through the bullshit and really ask ourselves what kind of lives we want to live and what kind of people we want to be and what kind of people and situations we want to surround ourselves with.  You do not have to be judgmental in your process, just make it clear that your positive choices, standards, morals, values and character are no longer up for debate.  Once you become clear on the these things the universe will naturally start moving in accordance to your beliefs and behavior.  Then, the timing of the universe will shoot the right people, places, things, situations and information to you at lightning speed and the others will gradually start to fade out.  If you waiver on what you want then the desire will never come; your actions, words and beliefs must be in alignment for the timing to happen.  You must decide and commit before you can succeed.  I have had this happening to me in the last week in a big way.  You wonder why timing is off and you never seem to get the life you want? Are you making room in your life for the things you really want?  Are you walking the walk and talking the talk?

Timing is everything, but timing is ultimately still dependent on you.  The choices you make each day and the ability to keep your eye on the prize is the key.  Distractions will come along everyday and our moods can fluctuate.  Be self-aware and check-in with each new person, place and situation…even things, like books or events that cross your path.  All of these things can clue you in on what you are attracting and help you know if you need to re-adjust.  Timing is everything and when the time is right and everything starts to fall into place it is because you have mastered the art of allowing.

With love, health, happiness and good timing,






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