Welcome Summer

Many changes have occurred in the last few months leaving me very busy and learning so much that I have really been wanting to share with my readers! I am officially working at a Family Clinic in a small town and see about 25-30 clients a week from the ages of 5 to 75! I am a licensed counselor in the state of Missouri and a nationally board certified counselor with training in cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy. Most of my current clients have anxiety, depression, and many have some degree of trauma and/or abuse. I would say 80% of my clients have suffered sexual abuse. I am constantly learning more about how to help my clients and learning so much from them. I have settled into my office at the clinic nicely and love my co-workers and the company I work for.

As summer comes into full swing I have also been settling in to my my home and small town life again I have had to learn balance as well. I am fortunate to keep pretty regular hours at the clinic working 8-5 but sometimes stay late finishing the many notes, treatment plans and session preparation required to be a successful counselor. I find time on weekends to be on the river in the boat or kayaking or taking a back road ride in the the side by side or my 4runner. Most of all, I really do enjoy the wind in my hair on the back of a Harley on a cool summer evening. My garden is sprouting with tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers and the herbs of basil, sage, cilantro, rosemary and lavender are all taking off beautifully this time of year as well. I can sit on my deck and enjoy the sounds of frogs, birds, and crickets singing and my dog snoring at my feet. Life is busy but simple in many ways at this point.

As I settle into my new job and lifestyle in the small town with easy summer days I realize this is the life I used to pray for often. I pray that all of clients and readers find a point in life that brings them this same sense of peace. Over the next few months I plan to share some of the things I have learned along the way that may help you see the world a little differently and find more peace. I am thankful for so much, including my readers. Looking forward to connecting with you all more over the next few months.

With love, health, and peacefulness in the mind and body,