Contagious Emotions

Ever been coasting along in life and all of sudden you get a call from a friend who is in crisis mode?  You jump in as the supportive friends, try to listen, advise, relate to them, counsel them and motivate them to stay positive.  After the conversation you feel drained and maybe start to question some things in your own life that you weren’t questioning before.  Why do we do that?  When a friend goes through a break-up because her man was lying and cheating do you find yourself beginning to analyze the status of your own relationship?  When a person is completely unhappy with where they live or their job do you start analyze your own career and where you are in life?

In psychology there is something called the contagion effect.  This effect has to do more with aggressive behavior.  The contagion effect states that when individuals grow up in an abusive environment or a bad neighborhood or are surrounded by delinquent peers they are more likely to be aggressive themselves. Basically, violence begets violence.  So if this is possible over-time for aggression isn’t it possible that other emotions can be contagious as well?

This is why it is so important to surround yourself around positive people and focus on the good in your life and the good in others.  When a friend is going through a bad break-up it is okay to let them vent about all the negative feelings but don’t leave it on that note.  You want to encourage your friend to focus on the present moment of healing and look forward to future, not wallow in the past.  Misery really does love company and it seems the more you talk about negative things in life the more negative you will begin to experience.  So shut the door on that nonsense as soon as possible.  Count your blessings!

When you find yourself starting to get sucked in to another persons negative talk you have to be conscious of it.  If you start thinking about all the negative aspects of your job, your relationship or any other part of your life then its easy to join them in the downward spiral because we all know that no job or relationship is perfect.  However, if you are conscious of the negative thoughts and instead choose to focus on all the positives you have your job or relationship you are much less likely to join them in the pity party.  Instead your goal should be to inspire them to do the same.  Sometimes when a person is going through a rough time they just want to feel it in that moment and not be pushed to be positive or happy but that doesn’t mean you have to join them in that moment.  There is a difference between being a supportive friend and being an enabler.  Don’t join them in the fire, show them ways to get out.  It is up to them to pull up their big girl panties and take the advice or follow your example and motivate to get out of the negativity and get back on track.

Emotions can be contagious and it is important to choose your friends wisely.  It is also important to be very self aware of how the world around you is effecting your well-being, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  When having conversations with friends or family be sure to remain very conscious because some people can be very toxic and emotionally draining. The more you maintain a positive state of mind the less likely you are to encounter those that are negative.  What you think about most is what you will experience most.  Basically, like attracts like.  Be a person whose light and warmth attracts others with light and warmth and all of us positive super stars can shine together!

With love, happiness, health and positive thoughts,


Recovery from a Cold or the Flu

I am in the process of recovering from Strep Throat, which is a bacterial infection effecting the upper respiratory system.  This infection went from Strep to an ear infection and now I am struggling with a cough and post-nasal drip.  This process has been going on for approximately a week now and I have 3 more days of antibiotic.  At the point I got bad enough I felt I needed to see a doctor I was miserable and desperate for relief.  It took about 3 days before the antibiotic began to work its magic and my symptoms started to subside.  I went from tears of pain to tears of joy once I was able to just drink a glass of water without pain.  Being sick during the cold, dreary winter months just adds to the seasonal depression and each day I arrive home from work I feel more exhausted.  I am on day 7 of my antibiotic and wondering what else I can do to speed up the healing process and just get my positive vibes back, along with my energy level.


I have been on auto-pilot all week trying to just get through each day and I refuse to spend another week this way.  I need to get back on my treadmill, I need to be able to have a conversation without coughing so hard I want to throw up.  I need to clean up my house and go grocery shopping. I need to study for my Statistics test. Life does not wait for us to get better, we just get further behind!  I really and truly cannot afford to be sick any longer.  I have to work both my day and evening job today so I will be getting home around 10pm.  This makes for a long day for sure so I want to make sure I get all I can out of this weekend.  I believe it is just as important to have a plan for your time off as it is to have a schedule for your work week.  I try to include time for myself and the daily chores that I want to get done, like grocery shopping and laundry.  I feel that a productive weekend is one where you have time to both relax and still feel like you accomplished some projects that make the next work week flow easier.

Too many people think they are better off to just push through or maybe they are the opposite end of the spectrum and take a whole week off work spending day after day in bed; both can be very bad.  Everyone is different in how they deal with being sick. Most of us can agree that pushing too hard can only make matters worse and staying in bed too much can be equally damaging.  Extra rest is important when healing, especially from an upper-respiratory infection but getting up and moving around can actually be a good thing.  A little fresh air and movement in the body can get the blood flowing and circulation process working, which speeds the healing process.  Deep breathing techniques used during meditation is great for helping your body heal as well.  Knowing which vitamins and supplements work well for the healing process can also be helpful.  Vitamin C is always good for boosting the immune system and Vitamin D can boost your mood if you have been stuck sick in bed for days.  Make sure if you are prescribed an antibiotic or any other medication, that you take it as directed by your doctor and make sure you do not stop taking the antibiotic until it is gone.  Drinking plenty of fluids, especially water, will help the body process the vitamins, supplements and medications more easily and speed the healing process as well.  I have found the more I increase my water intake the better I feel with fighting upper respiratory infections.  Also, make salt your friend!  Gargling with with warm salt water and using a saline solution to cleanse nasal passages is a cheap and easy way to help reduce nose and throat discomfort.  Also, throw away your toothbrush!  Any time you have been sick it is smart to replace your toothbrush so that you do not reinfect yourself.

I plan to push through tonight and sleep in tomorrow.  Hopefully by keeping hydrated and taking my vitamins & supplements I will not take a step backward with the extra hours while I am still not completely recovered.  Knowing how to balance responsibility and self-care is the key to a happy, healthy life and a quicker recovery time!  Here is to looking forward to Spring…warmer temperatures, green grass, fresh air and sunshine! That is true medicine!


Yours for better health, happiness, and balance