Shifting into the afternoon of your life….

I recently watched The Shift with Dr. Wayne Dyer and it is free to view on YouTube if you are interested in watching the entire movie.  In a nutshell, it is about letting go and letting God.  Stop trying to control every aspect of your life because that creates resistance and makes everything more complicated.  Instead, you must state your desire and then back away from it.  I am struggling with this process in a couple of areas of my life.  What we know, want and feel in the morning, or beginning of the day may not be the same as what we know, want, and feel by the afternoon.  So when Dr. Dyer often mentions shifting to the afternoon of our lives, he is basically saying, what we know, want and feel early in our lives is not going to be the same as we shift to the afternoon of our lives.

We may desire a great paying job, big money, a big house, an expensive car and big vacations when we are dreaming of our future at 21-years-old.  However, as you reach middle adulthood, and then late adulthood, transitions will occur.  There will be a shift in your priorities.  This may happen sooner for some than for others and some may spend their entire lives after money and material possessions.  These are the people who are usually on their death bed mumbling about how they should have done things differently.  I don’t know about you, but I plan to be the person who realizes what is important early in life and taking advantage of all life has to offer!

Right now my struggle with letting go is about completing my education, making a career change and deciding if relocating is a wise option for me.  I have found myself looking at beach properties a lot in the last 4-5 years, dreaming about a life in sunny Florida.  My daughter will soon graduate high school and I will be in a position to go anywhere and do anything.  I have not felt this sense of freedom in a long time and I realize the options are endless.  However, I find myself weighing my options and worrying about things that should not even be a concern yet.  What about finding a good job, selling my house and finding a new house, moving all my stuff, what about my relationship, what about my parents who are growing older?  All of these considerations whirl around in my head as if I have to figure it all out right now.  Then I stop and remind myself that I don’t have to figure it all out right now.  I can state my desires and just keep moving forward.  The right path will reveal itself as long as I just keep pushing forward with a positive attitude.

God knows what is in our hearts, what our true desires are, and he knows it all better than we do.  So trusting in him and allowing things to fall in to place naturally, is the wise thing to do.  I know that I will finish my degree, do my supervised hours, get my license and by the time I complete all of that process many other changes will occur.  So why worry about all of it right now?  I need to just focus on my current goals and not overwhelm myself with the future.  There is a sense of peace in knowing that we don’t have to figure it all out.  There is also a sense of peace in knowing that if something I want does not work out then there is probably a good reason it didn’t, so I don’t need to worry about that either.  Just accept life as it comes and trust the process.  Love without hesitation, learn without fear, and lead your life without worry.

To love, lessons and a life well lived,