Those ‘Meh’ Kind of Days

Ever have a day that is not particularly awful but you just feel off? It’s like you struggle to just do the basics to get through the day and feel this dark cloud over you? Maybe you didn’t sleep well or maybe you are coming down with something? Whatever it is you know you just are not at the top of your game.

I feel like I have been going 90 to nothin’ since I started my new job. There has been a huge sense of accomplishment and a certain degree of stress as with any job. I have tried to practice what I preach as a counselor and incorporate self-care into my schedule. I thought I had been balancing things pretty good but today I have to admit, I feel like I have hit a wall.

I instantly do the self check of basic self care… am I eating right, drinking plenty of water, getting good sleep, keeping good social support, staying active and taking time to relax? Yes, I actually think I am doing pretty good in all of them except maybe I could drink more water. So, I try to hydrate more and then move on to the next category… How do I feel in my body?

Body scan and check-ins are very important and help us be more self-aware. I have a dull headache and a lot of tension in my jaw, neck, and shoulders. I know I did not sleep well last night but I went to bed at a decent time and got up when my alarm went off. So this assessment tells me that a progressive muscle relaxation scan, some stretching and more water could help ease some of my tension. A little extra self-care is never bad when feeling out of sorts either. I enjoy essential oil baths so tonight that will be on my agenda before bed as well.

Learn to be in tune and listen to your body. If you catch the signs early, when things first start to feel off, then you can take action to help hit the reset button and gently guide your mind and body back on track. Meditation and present moment reminders like alerts on a smart watch or apps, like Headspace and Calm, are great ways to check in with yourself and improve self awareness. Creating this habit can lead to better health by catching things early! Listen to your body!

Yours For Better Health,