Life is an adventure! Why spend it in an office day after day when you can get out in the world and live it to the fullest?  Escape through books, travel, meeting new and interesting people, and finding guidance through wise mentors as I share what I have learned along the way.


Are you going through a big transition in life or maybe you simply struggle through your daily goals and feel stuck?  Do you need a fresh new perspective on life?  Do you feel you are making the same mistakes over and over?  Are you in a dead-end job or dead-end relationship?

These are concerns that we all may face at different times in our lives. It is never easy, and sometimes we just wish we had a mentor, advisor, or guidance to help us get through it all in a positive and healthy way.  My writing covers deep thoughts and advice on everything from the important relationships in our lives, to addiction, self love and important career and life choices.