How Are You?


Really how are you today?  As you read this how do you feel, mentally, physically, emotionally?  Are you taking care of yourself and living with purpose or are you just going through the motions like a hamster on a wheel?  Maybe it is time to take inventory and see how you line up.  As we move through life we may hit points where we lose focus and start to think…what am I doing and what is all of this really for?  Am I even happy with the life I have created?  Is this 9-5 office job really worth it or, if I am being really honest with myself, would I be happier just selling flip-flops from a hut on the beach?

Often, we go through stages in life trying to keep up with what others expect.  The social norms of college or a trade school, landing the great job, building a career with good benefits and a nice retirement plan, buying a home, marriage, kids, a dog, a nice car and a couple of nice vacations a year is pretty close to the American dream.  However, I have noticed the American dream is drastically beginning to take on a new meaning over the years.  With non-traditional family units, many people waiting longer to get married and have children, blended families, and more and more people simply opting to stay single and not have children and the career field becoming bigger and broader with opportunities and capabilities only limited by a persons imagination.  This is an exciting time in life, but it can also be a bit overwhelming.  That is why it is so important to know yourself.

If you find yourself overwhelmed and unsure, just going through the motions then, most likely you have lost sight of yourself.  The best way to stay on track in this busy, high paced world is to understand who you are, what you want, and what brings you joy.  If you have these three things figured out then the rest falls into place pretty easily.  Knowing who you are, your morals, values, beliefs, are essential to knowing where you stand in each path you take and situations that may arise.  Knowing who you are will be based on past experiences, current circumstances, and future hopes and dreams and will help you make wise choices that are best for you….not anyone else but you.

Knowing what you want in life is also vitally important when asking yourself if you are doing okay.  Not what your parents want, or your partner, or what anyone else in your life thinks you should want, but what do YOU want?  If it is just a simple life selling flip-flops on the beach, then great!  If you want to finish your education, build a home, have a baby, adopt a puppy, write a book, become a life coach, start a podcast, or travel to Europe….figure out the things that inspire you in life and don’t let your fear of what others may think hold you back.  Once you know yourself and what you want then you must seek what brings you joy.

The process of sticking to the type of person you want to be, and truly knowing who you are in character, morals, values, and beliefs is the best place to start.  Then knowing what you want in life is the key to setting yourself on the right path, look for signs that point you in the right direction through books, people, places, situations and opportunities that may present themselves once you become more clear on what you want.  Finally, just relax and enjoy the process.  Don’t overthink it, stress about the details of how, when and why.  Just enjoy each moment as your story unfolds.  Be true to yourself, have your eye on the prize and then have faith that it will all work out as long as you stay positive and continue to find joy in the activities of daily life.

I find it is good to re-evaluate regularly, especially when life is super busy with many distractions.  Ground yourself in a practice of reminding yourself the type person you want to be and what it is really all about for you at the end of each day.  Then remember to focus on the positive and live in the moment.  Don’t become so focused on the end game that you forget to really enjoy the process because the beauty of life really is in the details.

With love, health, and happiness,


2 thoughts on “How Are You?

  1. I look forward to reading everyday. I’ve been struggling with these questions and reevaluating, I think jm overthinking. Just as phones, tv, life, getting stuck in the dad to day, etc. can be a distraction, I think overthinking without a positive influence to help, especially in beginning stages, it remains a struggle. Even when you think you have it figured out and are open to reevaluating and also adjusting to the influences beyond your control. Thank you for your insight and reiterating all the things I cover in my own little world upstairs.


  2. I love getting feedback! Please know you are not the only one who struggles. I have doubts that come on strong and I have to give myself pep talks. We are all in this big crazy world together. It makes me happy to know others understand and feel some comfort in just reading my words. Keep your eye on the prize ❤️


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