Law of Attraction

I am currently finishing my degree in psychology and working through a certification to be a small group leader for young women,as well as a life coach.  Last week I posted a six-part series called Just Ask It.  This series poses a lot of food for thought and I believe is a good starting point for people looking to re-evaluate their place in life.

So this week I am going to discuss the next big influence in my life, The Law of Attraction.  Books like The Secret and The Power, by Rhonda Byrne, are extremely motivational.  I have The Power as an audiobook and I listen to it at work on a regular basis.  The concept of the law of attraction is basically what we think, speak, and feel is what we will attract in to our lives.  It is vital that you be aware of what goes through your mind on a daily basis.  Sometimes the mind tends to focus on the negativity and can drag us down before we realize it.  There is power in positive thinking.

I highly recommend that everyone watch the movie The Secret and read both of the books, The Secret and The Power, by Rhonda Byrne.  The movie can be seen on Netflix.

I have used many of the tools mentioned, such as making a list of things I am grateful for when I am feeling depressed or frustrated, or creating a vision board to help visualize and make my goals seem more real.  Some people buy a poster board and cut out pictures of things they desire in life, like their dream house or a new car, and they glue these pictures onto the poster board.  However, with the convenience of social media, I prefer to create my vision board on Pinterest.  I just add my hopes, dreams, and desires to a specified board within Pinterest and review that board on a regular basis.  The more clearly you can visualize your goals and dreams the easier to believe and the key to attracting what you want is to believe it is already yours!

So once you complete the six-part series of Just Ask It, I recommend you watch The Secret and when you find time, get the audiobook The Power and listen to it when at work, driving in your car, or when you are doing things around the house.  Also, make that gratitude list a regular morning ritual! Start each day, as you get ready to start your day, listing off all the things you are grateful for in life…from running water to the car you drive each day. Then make time to do the fun project of creating a vision board, treat the world like the Sears Christmas catalogue and put everything you desire on that board! Don’t hold back!


I will be back next Sunday with a new week full of recommendations you can do to improve your life!

Here’s to your hopes, health, and happiness!





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