Focus On Your Own Path



Don’t get distracted!  Stick to your plan and don’t waiver from your standards.  You have worked hard to learn and grow from the past and create healthy boundaries.  Stop making exceptions to your rules only to quickly realize it isn’t making you happy.  It just creates more work sometimes to engage in conversation with a person you know is not in alignment with what you want.  It is possible to be nice and still say no.  It is okay to completely ignore a random private social media message.  I have had to come to terms with the fact that I can be too nice sometimes.  I never want to be rude or disrespectful.  However, there comes a point when you realize that some people are just no longer in alignment with the path you are on or maybe they never were.  If you stay focused usually they fade out in time, but sometimes we feel obligated to keep re-connecting, maybe out of guilt, habit, or memories of a shared past.  These friends, family members or romantic ties can be unhealthy and always leave you feeling drained and disappointed because they are no longer in alignment with the version of yourself that you desire to be.  How do you let go of unhealthy relationships and not feel guilty?

You can take a moment to really refocus.  Sometimes we get caught up in the day to day of life and lose track of the bigger picture of what we are working for.  We all have a bigger plan in life with goals and dreams and some people can lose sight of those goals and dreams when they get mixed up with the wrong people.  People, places, and things can happen in our lives that leave us on auto pilot.  If we don’t purposefully stop and question ourselves we can end up months, even years down the road wondering where things went wrong.  How did I get so off course?  This was not what my plan!  How am I this old and not accomplished anything I said I would?

I often think of the GPS in my car when I get off course and she states “rerouting”.  This is a perfect analogy for what we should all be doing in our lives regularly.  Check-in with yourself and make sure you feel good about where you are and clear about where you are going.  Be honest with yourself and address areas of your life that do not agree with how you see your best self.  Do not just keep pushing through in relationships, jobs, and situations that do not agree with how you want to see yourself.  Reassess and make a plan that puts you back on the road to reaching your goals.  This is true in every aspect of our lives, diet and exercise, home and self care, our careers and school, devotion to family.  Are you taking time to check in with yourself and make sure you are on a path that leads to a happy and healthy version of yourself?  On this Monday I ask you to check-in and see where you might need a realignment.

With love, health, and happiness,



One thought on “Focus On Your Own Path

  1. Thank you. I needed this today. ♥️ I keep trying to stay on path and keep my focus. Thank you for sharing. We think sometimes we are the only one and it helps hearing and sharing.

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