Thoughts & Emotions = Healing or Illness

I cannot stress enough how important it is for every person on the planet to learn the art of meditation and practice the power of positive thinking.  If you can train for a marathon, body building, yoga, or any sport then you understand that the mental aspect is just as important if not more than the physical.  To achieve it you have to believe it.  Even if you have never trained for anything in your life it doesn’t matter because it is guaranteed that you still have thoughts and feelings on a daily basis.  So ask yourself what do your primary thoughts and feelings consist of?

I have been doing my routine of being thankful throughout each day on a regular basis.  This has grown into me giving thanks over my food before I eat and asking it to benefit my body in the most positive way.  Then learning to go through each daily activity with intention, whether it be washing my hands or the dishes or simply saying hello to a stranger.  Being in the present moment throughout the day and not on auto pilot.  Stoping occasionally to ask how my body feels, take a deep intentional breath and mentally check in and be aware of myself and my surroundings.  Understanding that the only point and time that really matters is this moment right now. All of these things are, to some degree, a form of a meditation practice.

It is also important to be aware of how you think, speak, and feel in day to day life.  Are you avoiding gossip, removing yourself from negative people and places and negative conversations and situations?  Are you trying to focus on more positive aspects of life and learning to avoid complaining to your friends and family about all the things you wish were different or things that caused you frustration?  Retraining the brain to focus more on positive thoughts and feelings can be the first step in healing.

I am a big fan of Jason Stephenson when it comes to finding good healing and positive meditations or a soothing sleep meditation.  The practice of meditation to sit and breath and let your mind clear and just be still is hard at first, but with continued practice the results are amazing.  With all the amazing apps for smart phones I cannot believe everyone isn’t taking advantage of the guided meditation lessons!  I love Calm and Headspace!  Incorporating meditation into your morning and evening routines can be very beneficial and help with focus and productivity throughout your day as well as reduce stress and anxiety.  The long term health benefits of daily meditation are endless and even more beneficial when combined with a regular yoga practice and a Ayurvedic diet.  Try the positive meditation with Jason Stephenson that I shared with this post and let me know what you think!

With love, health, and happiness,





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