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Often we go through life all willy-nilly and not really aware of the thoughts and feelings going on within us in response to the world around us.  We may believe we do not have any control over those thoughts and feelings even if we are aware.  The truth is we do have control, every situation in life is an opportunity to train ourselves to choose more wisely.  Too often we allow ourselves to get into a routine that causes us to just be okay and fine, and okay and fine is really not the words you use when describing a truly fulfilling life.  Many people are going through the motions and just maintaining not really living.  So how do you get yourself out of this day to day funk and really start embracing all of the crazy beautiful mess of life going on around us?  Well, you start with the small stuff and as you add more positive vibes into your life the more amazing your life will become, not just fine or okay….AMAZING!

Each day that I get my butt out of bed I say thank you…just in general I am thankful to have that moment.  As I move through my morning routine I am thankful for everything, feeding my pets, watering my plants, making my coffee, brushing my teeth with running water, making my bed….there really is so much to be thankful for!  Taking time to be thankful is an easy way to start the positive vibes flowing.  Listening to positive music that gets you motivated and feeling good, meditation and prayer, watching something positive on TV or listening to a good audio book or pod cast are all excellent ways to help you stay in touch with your positive vibe.

When interacting with people it becomes harder to keep the positive flow.  Everything can be going along just fine at home in my own space with my cats and dog and plants, maybe even my daughter (who is basically a mini-me), but when we get out and about moods and reactions, thoughts and feelings….it can change quickly.  It is no secret that others moods can affect ours so if a co-worker is in a crappy mood they can quickly suck you in.  Be aware of these influences and avoid joining in on the complaining, excuses and gossip that plague some people on a daily basis.  If you can’t reroute the conversation to a more positive focus then just find a nice way to bow out.  If you do find yourself joining in a conversation that takes a negative turn never let it stay there.  If you admitted being frustrated or disliking something about a person, before walking away from the topic state a positive.  Never leave negative words hanging in the air.

Find joy in the simple things.  The sun is shining through the trees, there is a nice breeze blowing, there are pretty flowers blooming, the smell of coffee brewing, your cat still loves you….take time to fully take it all in and appreciate what the world has to offer.  So often we rush through life like its one big to-do list and we fail to stop and smell the roses.  You have to slow it down and savor the moments and in doing so this will create a greater appreciation for life in general.  Take time to pause and try to look at the world in different light.  Push yourself to see things through a child’s eyes….with curiosity and wonder.  Take pause in your day to be completely present, listen to the sounds surrounding you, how your body feels, the smells, tastes and really look around.  Take long deep breaths and ask yourself where you feel tense areas in your body.  Focus on breathing in to those areas and letting yourself relax.

When dealing with stressful moment in life it is sometimes hard to be thankful, not talk about the crap, or relax the tense areas in the body….it can just be a real struggle to find the positive.  Sometimes we want to wallow in the moment and fully feel the negative for a bit.  Don’t force yourself to try to be happy and positive in these moments.  Fully embrace it knowing it will be temporary.  It is good to fully experience the downs of life so we can fully appreciate the ups.  If the only positive you can take away in the moment is the feeling will eventually pass and the situation will eventually change, then that will be enough.

Just remember at the end of the day what you think about and speak about most is what you will see more of in your life.  So the more positive, loving and grateful you are the more positive, love and things to be grateful for will appear.  They say smile even if you don’t feel like it and the body and brain will naturally release a more positive vibe in the body.  So find reasons to be thankful and smile because it will get better.

With love, happiness, health and positive vibes to all of you,


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