The Ego

That little voice inside you that constantly brings worry and doubt into an otherwise normal situation.  Why do our minds have a tendency to gravitate more easily to the negative?  Or better yet, how do we stop it?  Well, I have found that it takes practice and being very conscious of your thoughts.  Many people go through life and think that life just happens to them, but the reality is that what goes on in your mind and the feelings you have are creating what happens to you.  So if you constantly worry and doubt then you are creating more worry and doubt in your life and you attract more people and situations to perpetuate this way of thinking.  In order to change this you have to be intentional in your thoughts.  What you think and speak about most in life is what you will have.  So if you focus on the things that bring you joy and the things that you are grateful for then you will attract more of those things.  If you find the good in people around you then you will attract more positive and good people.

Being aware of our words and actions are very important but most important is how we feel each day.  If you wake up on Mondays completely dreading the day then you are probably not going to have a very good day.  If you accept the fact that the weekend is over and you are off to a job that you are grateful to have, you work hard, and do your best to be a happy, pleasant person then your day is likely to be much better.  Its about perception and having the right mindset makes all the difference.  Olympic athletes use visualization as part of their training.  They visualize themselves going through the motions of their event and scientific studies show, as they sit and meditate on running or swimming the same muscles fire as if they were actually doing the event.  This seems to prove that if you can go there in the mind that you will go there in the body.  The more you meditate and focus on something you want in life the more motivated and driven you become.  This creates a feeling of knowing its yours before you actually have it and that is exactly what successful people do.

That little voice of negativity is your ego, causing you to relive conversations and arguments you had in the past.  These arguments and conversations cannot be undone so unless you plan to go through a more positive process like forgiveness and looking at the positive lesson learned from the past all else is a waste of time.  The same goes for the future.  If you are constantly worried about what could happen in the future you are most definitely wasting your time.  Focus on the present moment and what you can do right now to make sure that worry is not a factor when it comes to the future.  One of the best habits I have created for myself is the wonderful tools made available on my smart phone and computer.  I make lists and set reminders and before bed each night or as I wake in the morning I think about my plans and what I need to do for the day.  Reviewing how you want your day to play out in your head is much like the Olympic athletes visualizing their events before competition.  You are more likely to have a positive and productive outcome.

Replace those negative thoughts that repeat in your head with positive mantras.  A few that I like to repeat to myself are:  Money comes easily and often.  Health and beauty is within me.  Love is abundant in my relationships.  When you are struggling it is good to have a few mantras that help you bring your focus back to what you truly want for yourself.  Be mindful of the thoughts that flow through your mind throughout the day.  The more self-aware you become the better quality of life you will live.

Sincerely yours,

With happiness, health, and love…


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